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A few key points to create a personalized bathroom

In terms of functional distinction of bathrooms, the distinction between dry and wet areas in large-space leisure bathrooms is the primary condition. In addition, attention should be paid to some details: for example, basins, abandon the traditional method of tiling tiles and change to wallpaper, so that more personalization can be achieved. Selection, the effect is also softer; the division of functional areas of space, but also to design according to their own living habits. Here are a few tips for creating a personalized bathroom:

The bathroom consciously isolates some areas, so that the whole space more reflects the life and leisure atmosphere. In terms of wall design, some decorative paintings can be made according to the changes of seasons and mood, and the style can be changed at any time. If it's a sunny bathroom, a chaise longue and a soft rug in the dry area can create a cosy reading area.

When you have a spacious bathroom, you can set up a luxurious bathtub reflected by the entire glass wall, as well as various facilities such as hazy poetic lights, pleasant greenery, comfortable and leisurely rocking chairs, etc. , dressing room, fitness room are integrated into the bathroom. The multi-functional design brings convenience to fitness and provides a comfortable space for enjoying a healthy life.

The 12-square-meter bathroom can be installed with a massage bathtub, a multi-nozzle shower room, an automatic temperature-adjusting faucet, and a large-area dressing table. Large bathrooms can generally be divided into two types: open layout and partition layout. Open layout is to arrange bathrooms, toilets, washbasins and other sanitary equipment in the same space. The partition layout generally incorporates the bathroom and toilet into one space, and separates the wash or makeup area to divide a space into functions.

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