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Bathroom decoration coup to make the bathroom and toilet into a large space

The bathrooms and toilets of small apartments are basically miniatures. We dare not expect such small bathrooms and toilets to be fashionable. We only want to be convenient and practical when renovating and renovating bathrooms and toilets of small apartments, which will increase the space. The whole bathroom is the best choice for the renovation of small bathrooms and bathrooms. No matter what kind of bathroom decoration you choose, you need to pay attention to the following points, so that the mini bathrooms and toilets can be made practical and create a big space that makes you scream!

1. Choose high-quality and inexpensive ceramic tiles

The wall and floor decoration of the small-sized bathroom does not need to be too particular. High-grade tiles cost a lot, and the color of the small bathroom should not be too complicated. The cool-toned tiles make the space cool, and at the same time have the effect of expanding the field of vision, and also have an aesthetic effect. Such tiles The price is about 50 yuan / square meter, which is also a good and cheap choice. Calculated with a 4-square-meter bathroom, the cost of wall and floor tiles is only about 1,500 yuan. The combination of the basin and toilet designed by the designer not only saves space, but also increases the area of ​​the basin, which is convenient for placing many things; in addition, there is a pot of vigorous grass on the toilet, which plays a very good decorative role (as shown in the above picture). Show).

2. It is better to choose an on-counter basin for the washbasin

Do not install a column basin in a small bathroom, because the space below the column cannot be used, and the limited space itself is wasted; it is better to choose an on-counter basin, and install an under-counter basin cabinet below, which will have a larger volume and can accommodate more things. The combination of the basin and washing machine designed by the designer not only saves space, but also increases the area of ​​the basin, which is convenient for placing many things, and cleverly uses the space; in addition, there is a pot of vigorous grass on the washing machine, which plays a very good decoration. function (pictured above). In addition, small toilets should choose toilets with a small footprint. The most common toilets on the market are divided into two types: whole and split. Because the water tank and toilet are formed at one time, the scrap rate is relatively high, and the price is higher than that of splits with similar styles. The toilet is more expensive and occupies a larger area, while the split toilet can save some space, and the design of the concealed water tank can save at least 20 cm of distance. Choosing a split toilet in a small bathroom saves both land and money, as above As shown in the picture, the selected split toilet, the concealed water tank of the toilet has been buried in the wall and cannot be seen.

3. Choose a bathtub that can't see the depth but not the width

The small-sized bathroom has been carefully designed by the designer, and it can also meet the needs of the owners who need a bathtub. As shown in the above picture, the bathtub is not as deep as it is wide. This bathtub is easier to stand than the general bathtub and will not affect the comfort of use at all. The small-sized bathroom should choose a small bathroom And deep bathtub.

4. Dry and wet separation

The mini toilet separates the dry and wet without burdening the space. Inside is the toilet and shower for the wet area, and outside is the washbasin for the dry area. Make perfect use of the small bathroom space.

5. Install mirror cabinets, shelves, etc. on the upper part of the basin

Whether it is on the surface of the washbasin or the countertop of the bathroom cabinet, too many cleaning and hygiene products will appear messy and easy to knock over, so it is advisable to install a mirror cabinet at the position where the upper part of the washbasin is against the wall. Not only can it hold cosmetic bottles, brushes, wash cups, etc., but also a mirror surface can be used to increase the space of a small bathroom. In addition, above the toilet tank is a vacuum zone in the decoration of ordinary bathrooms. Without affecting the toilet, you can use this space to install a shelf, which can place toilet paper, hand towels, detergents, feminine hygiene products, etc. In order to effectively use the space of the small bathroom, the owner can install a hardware shelf in the corner to place shampoo, body wash and other items, so that some small items can be stored in it cleanly and tidy, so as to keep the bathroom clean and tidy. It also increases the visual area of ​​the bathroom. Do not consider using built-in toilet paper holder, soap holder, etc.

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