Merchants To Join

Merchants To Join

Merchants To Join
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01 Brand Support

Focusing on the field of bathroom cabinets for more than 20 years, China's high-end bathroom furniture brand.

Cooperate with internationally renowned designers, in line with international standards in product development and product application design.

03 Management Operation Support

According to different franchisees, implement targeted marketing and management strategies.

Make practical suggestions on products, channels, customers, teams, etc.

05 Service Support

The service guarantee includes training services, product consultation, product updates, after-sales, etc., to relieve franchisees from worries.

02 Store Support

There are standards for building stores and standards for subsidies.

Unify the decoration style of the store and create a high-end bathroom furniture brand image.

04 Market Support

Become our franchisee, we will give regional market sales protection, prohibit cross-regional sales and smuggling goods, and ensure the orderly operation of the market.

Join Hotline:400-880-3212

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